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Learning Laptop Arabic English

Learning Laptop Arabic English


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Learning Laptop is specially developed using advanced technologies. It is a unique interactive machine with perfectly integrated sound and picture, truly effective in helping children to learn independently to build up creative skills, as well us learning letters, words, numbers, Math, music, pairing pictures and much more.

The computer is 100% bilingual: Arabic and English, and can suit both for Arabic and English speaking child. The laptop includes 30 learning programs of Arabic and English letters, numbers, Math operations (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication).

The laptop has a monochrome screen what is good for kids' eyes and gives them rest after mobiles, Ipads, TV etc.

The laptop includes such programs as: 1. Learning Letters( learn spelling and pronunciation), 2. Letter Test( find the letters on keyboard), 3. Hit the Test(find the same letter on the keyboard withing 5 seconds timer), 4. Learning Words(learn image, pronunciation, spelling), 5. Spell the Word, 6. Initial Letters, Find the Word(correspond image with word), 7.Find the word, 8. Word Test( spell the word after the image is shown)

For learning numbers there are such programs: 9. Learning Numbers( learn pronunciation and writing), 10.Spell the number, 11. Number Test, 12. Arrange Numbers(rearrange numbers by sequence from the smallest to the biggest), 13. Compare the numbers (the system will show 2 numbers, you need to fill in correct sign = ,

The laptop includes such mathematics programs as 14. Addition, 15. Subtraction, 16. Multiplication, 17. Division, 18. Missing Number( the system will show incomplete formula, you are required to input one correct answer),19. Missing Sign

The Music section includes such programs as: 20.Learning Music( learn the notes), 21.Music Test (the system will pay a note and you are required to press the correct note key), Music ( press any key randomly and the system will play music), 22. Music, 23.Random, Pairing the Pictures ( match the pictures), 25.Dropping (catch the objects), 26. Firing ( hit the enemy rockets), 27. Painting, 28. Worm Run, 29. Explorer, 30. Clock

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